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Gospel Triplet Profile: James Wong

What was the process for you getting in a Triplet?

My wife Caitie and I only moved to Anchor in January this year. We joined the Erskineville Gospel Community led by Matt and Tash Sparks and wanted to join a Triplet as well. Shortly after we arrived another James (pictured centre) joined our GC. We decided to make a Triplet between us, and Matt (pictured left) also joined to round it out even though he also meets in another.

What are some of the obstacles your Triplet has faced?

We are blessed to all work within 10 minutes of each other, but even then an obstacle has been taking the initiative to schedule meeting up. Matt encouraged us from the start not to expect him to be ‘in charge’ by virtue of being our Pastor. I’m encouraged that we have already been meeting consistently every fortnight since beginning two months ago and we have all taken turns organising the logistics.

How have you been blessed by your Gospel Triplet?

The Bible as well as our own human experience testifies that we were created for intimate community. We only disadvantage ourselves when we do not have people in our lives that we can openly talk with (the good and the bad—Triplets don’t solely exist for sharing struggles!). My Triplet has blessed me with their presence, wisdom and prayers. They are genuinely interested in my life and that is a huge blessing!

Tell us one story about how you have been nurtured by the gospel in your Triplet.

Over the past few months I have experienced a steep learning curve as a newlywed. My tendency is to get down on myself and be quite self-critical. I shared this with my Triplet about 6 weeks ago and they were able to help remind me that there is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus (Romans 8:1). They helped me see that I was believing false truths about who God says I am, and this helped me to extend grace to myself as well.

What would you say to someone who says, ‘I’m too busy to be in a Triplet’?

Are you too busy to care for your soul? We all prioritise time towards areas of our lives that we know are important—whether it be our relationships, finances, careers, or health. How much more important is our spiritual wellbeing? This isn’t the only way to grow in your faith, but it seems a real missed opportunity to write it off completely because of busyness.